How To Deploy Counter Strike Coffee


  1. Take your booger hooks and undo the securing band around the top of the bag unfold the bag and man handle the top so that The lips separate
  2. Use your mittens and pull the bag apart separating the two sides from the center seam
  3. Deploy contents to various coffee machines but be advised that coffee to water ratios can change the taste Of the coffee

 Here are some additional tips to help you get the perfect cup of Counter Strike Coffee:

  • Don't reheat or boil coffee. It cooks out all of the badass flavors and leaves a bad taste.
  • Don't leave coffee on the burner. The coffee begins to caramelize and will smell "funky." For best results, serve immediately or store in a thermal container
  • Don't mix old coffee grounds with new coffee grounds. I mean no shit...


Counter Strike Coffee Company also suggests that you use some sort of filtered water as opposed to normal tap water. This will prevent any lingering water tastes, scale on your equipment, and give you the best cup each time you brew it.