Counter Strike Coffee Co.

 Strike back at sleepiness and fatigue with a hot cup of counter strike coffee. Now with three amazing blends including Fire Watch that’s got a fully loaded magazine of caffeine, Napalm where there is nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning, Smooth Operator for those days you want to get your work done!

Our Founder

About Brandon Buttrey


Brandon is a U.S. Navy FMF Hospital Corpsman Veteran and all around NINJA! He is a 10-year Combat Veteran from Houston, Texas and now produces a new line of outstanding coffee that reflects some of the experiences individuals have while serving this great country. Veterans, Active Duty Military, L.E.O.'s, Public Safety and Military Supporters alike enjoy the animated depictions of each roast while consuming the best damn coffee they had ever had. 

This idea has come while teaching medical stuff to an Urban Medical Integration Class. "I provide coffee for my classes and have a donation bucket. There were always a lot of contributors there, so I figured that there is a huge market there".

A veteran owned patriotic coffee company in Houston Texas.

Brandon Buttrey Founder of Counter Strike Coffee Company In Cypress Texas

Our Founder Brandon Buttrey 

 Brandon reflected on his time on the service when coffee was held in a high regard, just to be able to function. He knew that if he designed a Military/Veteran friendly coffee brand, that he could have some serious customers. But that wasn't all. "All of the proceeds go back into the company with a portion being donated to charitable veterans organizations. CSC Founded 2015 


About Vincent Markesino

Shortly after Brandon founded and setup Counter Strike Coffee Company, he found Vincent who is the direct source for all of CSC's coffee, he was the actual farm. Vincent has always been a patriot but never had the pleasure of serving in the Armed Services, however his family has a few generations of U.S. Army under its' belt and . His wife's family has been in the coffee industry for over 7 generations growing some of the finest coffees from El Salvador.

 Brandon quickly recruited Vincent as his social media liaison and broker, then Counter Strike Coffee Co. became an actual farm to cup, veteran owned coffee company over night, with no middle man. 

Brandon and Vincent still continue to work closely together for the betterment of: Counter Strike Coffee Company, The Farm, and the Customers like you that they serve. 


Vincent Markesino Owner of Counter Strike Coffee Company - Veteran Approved Coffee

Our Owner Vincent Markesino

Based in Richmond Texas, Vincent has never lost sight after all these years of what truly matters. Vincent's family in El Salvador work diligently every day to keep our farms pristine, cutting edge, and producing some of the best tasting award winning flavors the world has tasted. 

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